Shocking News: Calling Your Girlfriend Fat Will End In Destruction And Near Death

DailyMail– A Florida woman was arrested after she chased after him and then bashed in her long-term boyfriend’s windshield with a tire iron because he called her fat.
Kari Corwin took her rage out on her boyfriend of three year’s company truck after an argument that was sparked when he tried to fat-shame her on Saturday night in Umatilla, Florida.
The 25-year-old had been drinking when she took a tire iron to his windshield and wreaked havoc on the vehicle, totaling more than $2,000 in damage after swinging the tire iron at his face, she admitted to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.
Corwin didn’t stop at the windshield in her reported alcohol-induced rampage.
After hurling the tire iron at the glass, she took a lawn ornament and banged it so hard against the hood, that it left the metal dented.
Then she wrangled up a hose with a sprinkler attached and thew it through a window on the passenger’s side.


This is one of these situation now where you kinda have to victim blame. Like sure you shouldn’t be an out of control drunk smashing tire irons against people’s rides and trying to get to someones brain, but its kind of the guys fault. You triggered her. Handing the person the weapon or the motive kind of implicates you. You didn’t sell her the gun or put the tire iron in her hand but you gave her the reason, and the reason is strong enough to drive any girl crazy. Every girl. No chick EVER wants to be called fat.  This is honestly just an instant reaction in human nature in a way. When a bug lands in a venus fly trap is chemicals that latches that thing shut and melts away the fly as food. When you enter a dark room your pupils dilate. When you call a girl a fatty they get hit with like a wave of gamma radiation that turns them into the hulk. Alcohol at this point had nothing to do with it probably. Just natural instincts taking over.


I wonder if guy animals ever call chick animals fat and if they go into a fit of rage. Probably what happens when a praying mantis sex happens.

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