Love This Michigan Judge Pulling The Breakfast Club Routine And About To Pummel The Defendant

Hate guys that are all talk. Not willing to get hands into the mix, just delegates orders. Not Judge John McBain. Come at him, I dare you and he’ll take off that robe so fast it’ll make your head spin. One second you think he’s one big joke pulling the breakfast club routine upping the jail sentence and next thing you know he’s coming at you getting ready to work your ass into cuffs and dragging you to the jail cell personally. Once the robe’s off, he isn’t gonna be a voice of the Constitution and a symbol of The Rule of Law. He’s just Badass McBain at that point. Not to mention, it must drive criminals crazy having an old man assigning you a life time sentence in Lompoc while he sits in a comfy wheely chair never really understanding the situation but waving a gavel like a baby and ending your life forever. Well at least Judge McBain isn’t all talk. I’d like to think after a scuffle like this there’s some mutual respect between all parties involved. Kinda like you knew a fight was coming and you didn’t run from it. That’s why McBain gets the rep he gets.

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