Someone Made A Side-By-Side Supercut Of Stranger Things And All The 70’s/80’s Movies They Reference

If you haven’t seen it yet, Stranger Things is the hottest show on Netflix for the summer. Now normally, I hate scary shit or any bit of a thriller. Most of the movies that are referenced I’ve only seen once and never again cause I hate that shit because I’m a pussy. Stranger Things however, if it were an 8 hour movie, Id sit in theaters and watch it opening night. I pretty much did that except it was at home on the bed with a gun in my hand and blanket tucked up to my eyeballs in fear a demogorgon was going to take me to The Upside-Down and eat me. And since, I’ve watched it like 2 more times, each with the same fear and love. I don’t know maybe I just love the 80’s because it was such a special unique time period where people were so hopeful for the future and more advanced than the past, and weren’t ruined by technology. Great time.

Anyways, this guy Ulysse Thevenon made a super cut of Stranger Things and A lot of the classic 70’s/80’s movie that are classics. Pretty spot on when all the reviews are saying it’s like Steven Spielberg meets Stephen King with some 80s mixed in between. A love letter to the supernatural classics of the 80’s is the best way it’s being described and with this supercut, you kinda see why. Simple scenes like riding a bike in a police chase seems like iconic 80’s because of things like E.T. Kinda crazy how they took major elements from all the cult classics and instead of making a blatant rip off, they took all of it and made a refreshing, awesome, unique T.V. Gonna probably binge it again this weekend and I’m gonna love every second of it.



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