Is Lionel Messi Having A Mid Life Soccer Crisis?

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 11.05.33 AM

Now I know to the outsiders or casual footy fans this might not seem like such a crazy move. Soccer players are constantly doing things with their hair. Like NHL players its all natural but footballers just love to do things with it. Throw in the head band. Getting it dyed and spiked like Mario Balotelli. Getting tribal tattoo designs etched in on the side of their head. Its all standard at this point and yea Messi shouldn’t be treated any different. But the problem is Messi was always suppose to be different. He was suppose to be like one of those idiot savants. Growing up I always heard rumors that Messi was like a little bit autistic but was always a wizard with a ball and his feet. That’s what made him different. Now it looks like he’s trying to be a bit of the bad boy of soccer and it’s just not him. The tattoos, and dyed hair, the tax evasion. That’s just not things a soccer player with a complex brain development disorders do.  Just doesn’t match him. I want him to be the quiet potentially autistic boy on the pitch dancing around with a soccer ball and win like i’m use to. The old school Messi.

P.s- I haven’t heard the same but I think the same about Pavel Datsyuk. Look at his picture head shape and face on for a solid 10 seconds and tell me he doesn’t scream idiot savant.


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