When Sucker Punching Goes Wrong……

Jun-26-2016 14-41-45

Dude Gets His Azz Beat after Sucker Punching the Wrong One


Really nothing this kid can do. You took your shot and you missed/did about as much damage as a fly landing on that guys face. You can tell when he looked over to the left for help he was absolutely helpless. ” Help Guys! The quick sucker punch didn’t work, what do I do now?!?!?!” I will say though, that guy’s left jaw might’ve been a cement block but once he was on the floor ,although still kinda winning the fight, didn’t have much behind those punches. Yea the sucker punch kid didn’t have any juice what so ever clearly but them both grappling on the ground was probably the guys best strategy to surviving. Take him to the floor as fast as possible and try to save some face and pray someone jumps in to stop it because as soon as he gets up he’s molly whopping your ass for apparently being a pussy and sucker punching. Let this be a lesson to ya, If you wear skinny jeans and your arms are tooth picks, don’t go throwing sucker punches or else his face will eat it, you’re gonna look like a pussy, and then you’re gonna get abused.

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