Oh We’re Going To The Winter Classic? Better Bring Our Meat Cleaver And Samurai Swords!


You know what would spice up this annual sporting event that highlights the tradition of old school hockey outdoors? Not any fan memorabilia of the two historic original six hockey clubs or alcohol or any other tailgating festivities. No i think instead people should bring primitive as fuck weaponry like meat cleavers, samurai swords, and sling shots. Yea that sounds like it would be in tune with the theme of the Winter Classic.

Now you might think im joking, but im not. This was no ordinary Winter Classic. Sure the Bruins were in it before in a little rivalry with Philly being two historically tough teams, but this is The Canadiens we’re talking about. Greatest rivalry in sports. Both teams facing each other over 900 times now with the Bruins usually falling short to Montreal and once that clock ticked down to 0 in the 3rd, you chalked up another L. With these two fan bases both hockey crazy, Im not surprised if someone brought a battle axe to one of the largest NHL events when these two are in it.  That’s what makes rivalries so great, the fans feel the passion and if they both want to carry that passion on through fighting? well that’s just all part of the sport. Just sucks the B’s got blown up by Montreal. In my head i wanted it to be goal for goal matched. Players getting their shit pushed in against the board and the fans going nuts in the stands. Thats what makes the greatest rivalry in sports, the greatest rivalry in sports. Every one wants a taste of the blood. The Players, the coaches, and the fans.

Sidenote- Bitch move with the taser though. The rest are just hardcore.


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