Theres Something Memorizing and Peaceful About This Great Dane Playing On Top Of A Covered Pool Like A Water Bed

Well A.) Its Peaceful because dogs being happy makes the world become happy. If you watch a pure-hearted creature play around and you have a fraction of hate in your heart then I hate to tell you this, but you’re probably the next Hitler. And B.) this is pretty much on a water bed. Everyone kinda wanted one as a kid right? I think my uncle had one for awhile and i know i had a buddy who had one. Shit was fun to just lay in. Like floating on water and not letting worries bother you. The ripple of the waters flowing outwards from the dog’s slow fluid jumping around all playful and shit just seems nice.

P.s- Remember when Tom Brady thought it was ridiculous when they didn’t have white pool covers? This guy probably gets it too. Gotta have a white one that looks good with the lime stone edging and shit in order to look nice.

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