Man Dresses As Zombie To Prank Scare Someone, Ends Up Getting Knocked The Fuck Out And Shot With A Pellet Gun


Daily Mail- A serial prankster’s luck has ended in a moment of poetic justice when he was punched to the ground and shot after attempting to film himself scaring a pedestrian. Vladimir Tzapaev runs a YouTube channel which showcases videos of himself dressing up in costume and jumping out at young women walking the streets at night. But his latest prank – all of which was caught on film – backfired spectacularly when a young man refused to be cowed and fought back. The alarming incident happened in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod in the Novgorodskaya Oblast region in western Russia, where Mr Tzapaev is well known for his pranks. But this time the prankster admitted he thought his time was up when he saw his victim pulling out a gun. He said: ‘When I saw the gun I thought this is the end. Luckily, it turned out to be a [gas powered] one.’ His leg was not seriously injured, but he has refused to alert police as he knows he brought it on himself and it will be difficult tracking down the man who shot him. Viewers had varying opinions. YouTube user Julia Silantieva said she thought it was unacceptable to hit the prankster and then shoot him. However stated that the prankster should have something better to do than scaring people on the streets. Mr Tzapaev has refused to let the incident phase him – he claims he plans on continuing his pranks.

Ahhh lets create wide spread panic and mass hysteria and frighten someone to the point where they can have a heart attack  and be potentially traumatized for life! Its gonna be so funny! Listen people range, man. All different walks of life. You don’t know who the fuck you’re pranking. All those god damn killer clown pranks, what if the person you’re pranking was like rapped by John Wayne Gacy? I know im pretty care free in this world and a silly prank is not worth dying over but interrupting people’s lives all so you can make a Youtube video is such a god damn asshole move i wouldn’t even bat an eyelash if someone killed you. Like maybe in a place where everybody is happy go lucky and you know they wont hold grudges you can pull pranks but like we’ve seen pranks where kids pretend to rob you or pretend to drug a girl to rape her. Where the fuck is the punch line in that? Look if i see someone ruffie a drink, im gonna charge at them and lower a shoulder into their spine to stop them if i have to. If i see a clown chasing me, my first instinct isn’t gonna be that its a prank, its gonna be to shoot that motherfucker in the feets and then torture his ass cause he’s like a terrorist.

The truth is im not even THAT mad at Vladimir the prankster here, but this bitch defending him, Julia Silantieva. Listen Vladimir at least knows he brought this upon himself to be an asshole and get shot with bbs. Like does Julia Silantieva here not realize that the person was defending himself and didn’t realize it was a prank? GTFO here Julia, if you thought your life was in danger you wouldn’t wait to get potentially murdered to find out if it was a prank or not before you start panicking.


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