Taiwanese Guy Loves eating his noodles too much to have a machete gang fight interrupt his meal

  • 40 gang members armed with knives entered the diner in Taiwan  
  • Man stays at table for 10 minutes to eat noodles as mass brawl takes place
  • At one point, he moves his chair slightly as men fight right next to table
  • One man lost his nose and another had a tendon in his arm cut open 
  • Police initially believed the man had been mastermind behind fight
  • But it appeared he had stayed because his food had only just arrived
  • Via Daily Mail.

Asians love noodles. Comfort food to the max. When you want something simple and you get a nice bowl of noodles that are the right texture, got the right broth going on with all the fixings you want in it, its the best. That being said this guy is fucking hard as nails to not give a fuck about a fight about to go down.

Looks like a showdown between the Greasers and Socs about to go down except for the fact that they are wielding fucking machetes like god damn MS13 members. This guy couldn’t care less that someones about to die. Mix in a little gang violence and bloodshed with his late night post long day at work meal. And the best part is he moved one seat over. Guy just knows he wants a perfect meal uninterrupted. This man knew his comfort level, he doesn’t want to be bumped into when his noodles are on the chopstick ready. Clears just enough space by moving one seat over. Got all the condiments on the table ready to go and napkins on hand to clean up the mouth and whiskers when he’s done eating. Perfect meals are the best.


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