Introducing the Red Ant Challenge in Thailand

Puuuuusssssyyyyyyy. Well thats a fun/dumb one huh? Most these challenges that have gone viral have some level of tolerable or do able. ALS ice bucket challenge if you can tolerate the cold, you can handle it. Cinnamon Challenge? its gross tasting but technically do able. This on the other hand is just pure futility. Its simply a challenge to prove you’re dumb. Bet this guy was talking shit too thinking he can do this easily like “Yea throw red aint’s on my dick, my cock can handle that no problem.” Well congrats bro, you’re on the internet screaming at a million decibels lookin like a pussy and now when you show a girl your dick its gonna look like the most horrific dick ever just ravaged by red ants. Love how him and his crew of flunkies are having a good time also splashing water on his cock and rubbing it trying to get all the ants off as if touching his cock is totally cool. Is that just Thailand? Guy was pretty eager and happy about stripping down to his thong so maybe thats just society there.

P.s- Nothing to see here…….Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 2.56.18 PM

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