Jose Cansoccer to Rescue FIFA

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.35.20 PM

Part of me thinks Jose Canseco is a lunatic. Another Part of me thinks he’s fucking around as a joke. Another Part of me thinks he’s really serious and can think he can fix the sport of soccer. He always chimes in on a hot bed issue when it means a new man can be in charge and honestly one day i hope its like a boy who cried wolf situation. Jose just fires off a simple tweet about fixing one of the largest sports organizations in the world and the council just says okay. Would he be nervous? would he really have a plan? If he gonna shoot another finger off in hopes to get out of a slippery situation? I kinda need to see it. Id give him a temporary run as President of FIFA. Just even a 30 day trial period. I need to see him clean up soccer with truth and justice. Give me a roided up Messi that has road runner speed and a cannon for a leg. No more flops, low scores, and tie games? #CansoccerForFIFAPresident

P.s- I so want to learn the art of power hitting and the psychology of baseball from him. For real.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 10.10.56 PM

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