Someone Clipped Bill Simmons talking about how he got to ESPN with Kanye’s Last Call beat.

Anyone who knows 2000’s hip hop should know College Dropout. Its arguably the best Kanye CD ever. Fuck all his new shit. I mean c’mon. Jesus walks? Through The Wire? fucking Slow Jamz was the instant party song to get a girls attention. Theres not enough fire emojis to descibe how good College Dropout was. And anyone who knows that CD knows Last Call. Its Kanye telling his story about how he got signed to the Roc. Well some genius out there, mr3bits, decided to do the same to Bill Simmons interview about how he got to ESPN. Sure its 3x the length of kanye’s story but with that beat in the back how could you not listen. I need to write my story and track that beat asap.

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