It was Bouncers v. Every Drunk Guy at St. Augustine on Memorial Day.

The videos kind of out of context since no one knows how the donnybrook started but it seems pretty clear the Bouncers took home the tag team belt on Memorial Day. Going to school in Central Florida and having the self awareness to know that Im in Florida, I’ve set bars to determine how bad a bouncer fight is gonna be. Its not “if it happens”, its “when it happens, how bad is it really?” Well the top bar is set as “I got shoved out the door by a big black bouncer and fell on my ass and got on world star” and the low is set at “Scott Hall pulled my own gun on me and murdered me” No one seems to be dead so frankly its a win in my books.

Also, is this what St. Augustines like?  We took a class field trip there when i was like 7 to the Fort and never heard about that place ever again until about 5 years ago when i heard it was a hot bed for a couples weekend destination. Is that whats up with St. Augustine? Bouncer fights at the beach bar? Might have to take a trip up there sometime.

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