Marco Wilson- One handed catch on a backflip in the books right up there with ODB


In reality I dont think its up there with ODB. Not and in game situation and Odell Beckams was way far behind him but theres no shout of a doubt that that shits impressive. Anyone who can do a backflip is cool. That gets you chicks 100% of the time. Catching a football and on the football team also gonna get you chicks 100% of the time. But most of all i had to post cause this was my old stomping grounds. American Heritage School, home of the Patriots where Ed Lee was molded into the man he was today. I wasn’t an athlete, I wasn’t an artist, and from my grades, definitely not a child prodigy in academia, but what i was was at Heritage made me a staple, I just was who i was. Cant really explain it but when AHS decides to create a Hall of Fame Alumni, rest assure ill be in that book right there with Marco Wilson. Probably a few pages before him.

P.s- That walk across the field to the 2000 building across the bleachers would be the longest walk ever in the Florida heat. (If i cant make it across the field in a brisk walk without dying back then, then you can probably figure i never woulda made the team)

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