Florida Man’s Amputated Foot Ends Up In A Dumpster



Miami Herald- A month after John Timiriasieff’s right leg was amputated at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables, homicide detectives knocked at his door with a strange question: Why was his amputated limb found in the garbage? The detectives had suspected foul play. The real story turned out to be about hospital sanitation — but it’s still a whodunnit. Timiriasieff, a Key Largo man in his 50s, went into the hospital, part of the Baptist Health South Florida system, in October for an amputation below his right knee. But the hospital, instead of incinerating the amputated limb as is the normal practice, tossed the leg into the garbage.So Timiriasieff is suing. He filed a lawsuit with the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court on Wednesday claiming the hospital caused him emotional distress. The hospital’s conduct, the lawsuit says, “was outrageous and beyond all bounds of human decency … and utterly intolerable in civilized society.” The homicide detectives found the leg — with Timiriasieff’s name tag still attached — at a waste management facility and notified Timiriasieff, who contacted the hospital for an explanation. Doctors Hospital told him “they would provide no explanation for what had occurred,” according to the lawsuit. Timiriasieff also wrote a letter to the hospital’s administrator in January that went unanswered.

“When we contacted the hospital, they claimed they could not give us any explanation for why or how this happened,” said Clay Roberts, Timiriasieff’s attorney. The lawsuit claims Timiriasieff suffered invasion of privacy, embarrassment and humiliation because of the hospital’s oversight. Doctors Hospital said it couldn’t comment on the details of the case because of patient privacy concerns. But, it added in an emailed statement, that “when Doctors Hospital was notified of this situation, hospital leaders took immediate and appropriate measures to address it. Proper procedures have been reinforced at the hospital to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.”

How did this happen? How does anything like this happen? Simple, Human error from repetition.

We all see the routine happen in office buildings, schools, in this case the hospital. Those lovely hispanic cleaning ladies come in like clock work, clock in, put on some radio and tune out the people they have to work in front of. Its not their place to get involved with the working people. They simply go about mopping the floors, cleaning the counter tops, and empty out every trash can even if theres only a small amount of trash in it. Foot or no Foot in the trash can, their job is to take out the trash and frankly i respect it. I would puke my face and complain to someone that Im not gonna be anywhere within 50 ft of a bloody limb but the janitor just grit his teeth, bagged it up and tossed out the trash. Id give him a bonus.

As for the old guy, i sincerely hope it was just a left leg and if it is then life made. You only need your right leg for driving, you win a massive lump sum from emotional damage and embarrassment and a bunch of other reasons, and limbs weight like 30 lbs minimum so technically you lost weight. Take a picture from the right angle and you wont even notice that missing foot.  I mean you can’t stand up in the shower anymore but fuck it, i can get down with sitting in the shower.


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