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Magic: The Gathering Game Ends With A Guy Getting Bludgeoned With A Rubber Mallet And Stabbed

Mashables: A Magic: The Gathering game came to a head in the early hours of Friday morning in St. Cloud, Minnesota when one agitated player attacked his opponent, sending him to the hospital with several stab wounds.
Elijia Dale Creech, 31, called 911 just after midnight on Friday and admitted he stabbed someone in his apartment, saying he thought the victim was dying, Fox 9 reported Friday. The 20-year-old victim was hit in the face with a rubber mallet and stabbed seven times in his neck and cheek, investigators learned.
The unnamed victim was taken to St. Cloud Hospital and received treatment for his injuries, which were not believed to be life threatening, Fox 9 reported.
The two individuals got into an argument over their competitive card game, which escalated into violence.
Creech was taken into custody on suspicion of first and second degree assault charges. Creech had a prior conviction for possession of an explosive with intent, prompting the St. Cloud Fire Department of Hazardous Materials Response Team to test the apartment for hazardous materials. The tests came back negative, Fox 9 reported.

Smh. Gotta respect the game bro. I get it. Sometimes you spend hours putting in the time and thought process into building a deck. Gotta spread the right amount of mana and gotta get the mana curve right with your ratio of spells and creatures. A lot goes into it but when you have the deck built and ready to go you feel proud of it. you shuffle, shake hands and start the game then out of no where you have your starting 7 not right and then you realize you gotta mulligan. and then you mulligan again. Sure your hand may be fine now but you’re behind in card advantage and then your opponent already played like 5 things in 1 turn probably. You’re trying to stay in the game chump blocking everything they throw at you but you’re still surviving. The only life total that matters is 1 after all and you just pray you’re gonna top deck something that’ll change the game. Next thing you know its like turn 12, you pull the exact card you need to make a combo go off that’ll win you the game and then suddenly they play a blue spell to counter it and some how return all cards to your hand and before you can even let the stack resolve, his head’s on the side of the table bleeding with a rubber mallet in your hand and a cold sweet dripping down your face staring at your buddy with stab wounds. That’s what happens when you play against people who are running blue. Just controlling everything you’re doing. I don’t even know what the hell the scenario is but I guarantee that’s what happened. Maybe a slight chance of some rule discrepancy that lead to scissor wounds but more likely than not he played something blue. Like if it was some board whip you almost gotta respect it. If it was some burn spells, that’s expected against something red. But when they play something blue it just always seems like it ruins everything in the most annoying fashion ever. All things considered, I get why this kid got a mallet to their dome, but we’ve all been there before. Can’t just go swinging when the cards don’t go your way guy.

P.s- He’s 31. In all truths you should stop playing after like 15. I’ve been to card shops before. weird batch of people. To simply put it, On a Friday night you’ll see at least 10 off brand sneaker with velcro straps, and there might be 1 chick you’d think about having sex with.

Double p.s-