Im Rattling My Brain Trying To Figure Out How To Sell A 2017 Vintage James “Deebo” Harrison Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a full body red wine of the Cabernet variety, 2017 vintage, full of fruity and savory flavors from the California wine region. Under cut by the slight sweetness from the vanilla pre workout protein, yet the strong aromas of cocoa notes and blackberry fill your pallet. Fine structure between the balance of acidity and tannins pair perfectly with a steak on a weekend evening before you get your lift on. Perfect to let breathe in between sets.

I mean what a salesman by me. Yea I copied that out of a google search for “cabernet” and cut it up a bit, but If i tried to push wine at The Fresh Market I’m sure I could fool at least one person with that sales pitch. But honestly how do you sell this wine? Something tells me the Deebo fan base demographic isn’t the same crowd that decorks a red wine, pour through a decanter, and pairs their red wine with a perfectly cooked sous vide steak. By all accounts Harrison can bench press a chevy, but he’s aging. His NFL contract probably will come to an end soon after he wins a Superbowl with The Patriots and he needs 350k a year to maintain his concrete body so he has to make some sort of income after the fact. Maybe somehow a 6 foot 275lb Superbowl wining linebacker can tap into the very young, very burgeoning oversized grey hoodie sweatshirt meathead weightlifting red wine drinking demographic who enjoys a full body red at night. It’s about as wild of a sales pitch as Fight Milk.

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