Getting Your Favorite Steelers Hat Back Is Not Worth Breaking Your Spine For

DESTIN, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man now living in Bali is fighting for his life after he fell from a roof while chasing a monkey that had stolen his favorite Pittsburgh Steelers cap.
The Northwest Florida Daily News reported that Jeff “Swede” Swedenhjelm fell 33 feet (10 meters) on Monday.
Villagers took him to a local hospital, where he was diagnosed with severe damage to his spinal cord. He currently is paralyzed from the chest down.
Lyric Swedenhjelm, who lives in Destin, said the family is trying to get her father to a country with a spinal specialist. She said Swedenhjelm is in a medically induced coma and is on a ventilator.
The family has started a fundraising page on GoFundMe, which has already raised more than $36,000.

And here they say Florida people aren’t true fans of their teams. Guess what, all the haters out there, we are. It just so happens though that they’re not fan of any teams in Florida. I mean here in South Florida you’re either a Dolphins, Giants, Patriots, or Steelers fan. That’s just facts and in this case for this young man with paralyzed body, he’s the latter. Was it a smart play to go running and jumping from roof top to roof top like you’re Jason Bourne to catch a monkey with your Steelers hat? No. But like i said, people from Florida are in fact dedicated fans of their team. I mean something tells me Jeff can’t just walk into his local Lids in Bali, Indonesia and get the same exact Steelers hat.

Oh yea, p.s- hope you recover man. Also hope you get your hat back.


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