Universal Studios To Roll Out Remakes Of Classic Monster Movies Titled “The Dark Universe”

Universal Pictures is bringing its roster of classic movie monsters back to the forefront with its newly named Dark Universe series — the long-promised web of films kicking off with The Mummy this summer. The next film in the series to hit theaters will be Bride of Frankenstein on Feb. 14, 2019.

Universe has ditched its previous plans to release a Dark Universe movie in 2018 and will instead focus on the 2019 Bride of Frankenstein, which will be directed by Beauty and the Beast’s Bill Condon. There are no details on who will play the titular role, though Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley called the movie a story about “a very modern woman in a very classic tale.”

As for other characters in the cinematic universe, Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem are already onboard to play the roles of The Invisible Man and Frankenstein’s Monster, respectively, while Russell Crowe is making his debut as Dr. Jekyll in The Mummy. The cast for that film also includes Tom Cruise as the lead and Sofia Boutella in the role of the mummy. According to Universal, the films are connected by the “mysterious, multi-national organization” Prodigium, specifically led by Dr. Jekyll.

In a video released on its website and Twitter, Universal teased a retrospective of the classic films to build hype for its “new world of gods and monsters.”

Every Head studio Exec in Hollywood right now in board meetings:

Wild news coming out of Hollywood. Honestly didn’t think to consider the fact that The Mummy coming out next month would be part of a shared movie universe. Honestly thought it was more of a Tom Cruise was tired of fighting The Syndicate in the MI franchise and wanted to up the action by fighting mystical monsters like ancient Egyptian mummy gods or whatever. I was gonna go see it but didn’t really take an interest in it till now knowing that it’s suppose to be a small part of a larger franchise and then I looked at the cast and realized Russell Crowe was going to be Doctor Jekyll.

This might be Hollywood getting out of hand and some could say it’s ruining movies. It is getting kind of annoying having to spend money to watch a movie that’s poorly written because it has to share things and lead into things for other movies that’s gonna come out. Its almost like the idea of writing a movie in mind for a sequel except the sequel has almost nothing to do with this one. Almost. If they do it well enough and cover enough of the primary story I could care less. Iron Man 2 alluded to Thor in an end credit. If that’s all there is, little easter eggs, bring it on. But if half way through The Mummy Tom Cruise is speaking to Doctor Jekyll and then half way through morphs into Mr. Hyde and bounces out and we’re just left with that then Id be pissed.


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