Good News Of The Day: We Wont Be Obliterated By An Asteroid Tomorrow


Yo wasn’t NASA defunded and shut down? like last year? Maybe I’m wrong and i’m not against NASA. We need the nerds in the control room jotting down all the boring shit that normal people can’t figure out, but look at this map. It doesn’t take a genius to know that that shit is miles away. Like why get people all riled up even mentioning that there’s a planet killer sized asteroid that can endanger life on any planet when its 1.1 million miles away. Like some guy in Cambodia probably threw a rock at another person. Don’t see me sweating that do you? Get out of here with that fake news and focus on what will happen when an asteroid is like dead set on punching Earth. One day an asteroid is going to be painting the corners so these nerds better have a plan when that happens. I don’t pay my taxes for them to not have a plan.

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