This Alabama Shootout Mannequin Challenge Sucked. Oh And They Were All Subsequently Arrested For Gun And Drug Charges

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – A “mannequin challenge” video resulted in several arrests after it led local and federal law enforcement to an Alabama home Tuesday morning, according to WHNT.

The “mannequin challenge” internet phenomenon usually consists of a group of people freezing in various poses while a person with a camera walks around them, filming from different angles.

Police say the “mannequin challenge” video that launched the investigation shows numerous people displaying guns, as if re-enacting a drive-by shooting.

Authorities from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, the Huntsville Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives executed a warrant at 5012 Powell Drive at 5:02 a.m. on Tuesday.

Authorities arrested 49-year-old Kenneth White and charged him with first-degree possession of marijuana and certain persons forbidden to possess a firearm. He has a bond of $30,000.

“In order to receive the ‘certain persons forbidden to possess a firearm,’ you must be convicted of a felony,” Capt. Mike Salomonsky said.

Hey not to critique the shit out of your viral meme but this sucked. In this day and age where it’s been like 2 weeks since the first Mannequin Challenge video came out you gotta come better than what you brought to the table here. I mean first off where’s the Rae Sremmurd? Pretty sure if its not Black Beatles playing it doesn’t count (To be fair I don’t know who’s in the song background so it could be Rae Sremmurd at least). But listen, have these people not seen what people are coming with these days in these viral videos? Some one got their dog to stay perfectly still like he took it to a Taxidermy to do a Mannequin Challenge. We’ve seen ones done at EDM shows with people rolling face high on molly probably and pretty sure people were in mid air raving their face off perfectly still. I’ve seen one involving only like 3 people and moving around the house behind the cameras in a single take tracking shot that makes Iñárritu look like a film student at a community college. All this one has is guns pointing and standing still. Big whoop. Maybe add some special effects like a CGI bullet flying in the air like its The Matrix. Get some muzzle flash or actually get shot and have a guy bleed out while panning in and out of the bullet wound.

Also I never witnessed a drive by shooting before luckily, but what an absurd shoot out. I mean lets check the all 22.


Never seen a move like this in my life but it’s genius. All drive by’s you see in movies have the guy right where they expect him. Not this guy. Fucking tucked be hind the back wheels of a convertible. Pretty smart until the wheel gets shot out and the immediate weight of the vehicle crushes your neck, but still. Alot of coverage there to protect from 9mm bullets.


Name a chiller guy in a shootout scenario. Like he’s waiting for a friend to come out of the house or something and there isn’t a shootout going on. Hood up, hands in the pockets as if 10 people weren’t about to die in a nonsensical shootout.


Back against the wall scenario when you could duck in a door way to shoot and aim without absolutely getting hit by bullets.   screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-1-51-55-pm

Yo that phone call can wait homie. Not to mention between the hail of gunfire and your own muzzle fire I don’t care what your cellular provider you have, nothings coming through that cellphone but the sound of fireworks pressed directly into the speakers. screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-1-52-08-pm

Stand DIRECTLY in front of 3 people shooting behind you while being in the forefront of everyone shooting at you.


Having a Go kart is awesome. No idea why these people have one in the hood but i like it.


I’m with this guy here. Sitting is much better than standing up. I don’t care if there’s hot lead flying directly at my head, nothing I can’t shoot standing up that I can’t do sitting down.


This is just my bias but a white mini van is so not a hot vehicle to use in a drive by. Need a black murdered out car to look tough and bad ass. Not look like you have to go to pick up your kids at soccer practice.

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