Car Drifts Perfectly Into Driveway And Crashes Through Garage

Maybe its the small tinge of being 100% Asian but for some reason I still like the occasional drift video. Sure it’s a dumb waste of tires and the fumes afterward give me a head ache but in the quick moment that car is sideways with a couple G force being thrown at the driver, I get a little excited. And yea this guy ended up going head first into a fucking garage door but what really made a few few drips of pee come out of this guy had to been nearly clipping the BMW. Thing got close enough to kill a spider hanging off of that side panel with out scratching the car. Im sure DK out there in Japan can drift it and park it with out smashing though a house causing thousands of dollar in damage but I dont know if he can get that close to another car somehow with out smashing into it.

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