This Video Of Leo Surprising Jonah Hill Pretending To Be Paparazzi Just Reminds Me Of The Fact That It’s Great To Be Leo.

Lots going on in this video with lots of different questions asked. Some people call into question of Leo’s character, while others like me, just try to imagine living his life for about 1 second.We’re about to take a few minutes to dissect what it’s like to be a celebrity chilling in New York and the differences between a normal peasant, celebrity, and a super celebrity

Aug-03-2016 11-03-13

First off lets analyze this crew Leo’s rolling with on a gang of citi bikes.

  • Black guy✓
  • Hispanic looking dude wearing a fedora and cargo shorts✓
  • Basic white guys to make Leo stand out as the best alpha male white guy✓
  • Im gonna assume the tall dude in pants is like part Asian because of his hair and glasses that make him look like Serif from The Matrix✓

There you go, just a multi cultural gang of cool guys rolling around Manhattan in citi bikes. Is it douchey that DiCaprio and his gang of multi cultural friends like they’re the Planeteers are hogging up the busy streets of New York City? Yea maybe, but ask your self this. When is the last time you won an Oscar? When did you have a net worth of $245 million dollars? Shit, when’s the last time any one googled your net worth on Exactly. This is just a power celebrity move. You don’t understand it, not because you’re not cool enough or because you don’t have enough friends to do this. It’s because you don’t have the net worth to do it.

Aug-03-2016 11-03-07

Lots of people calling into question Leo’s character here. Many saying that he has a douchey walk or he looks queer just walking. Hey guys, have y’all ever acted in some of the best modern movies ever? Ever been considered a Hollywood heartthrob? No? exactly. I don’t know what that walk does to your posture but it doesn’t matter because he can afford a better posture later. He’s walking around like he has a huge dick between his legs and his chest up in the air like a mega celebrity does. It’s a walk like you can picture him strolling around in naked with his dick dragging the floors because he’s just that comfortable with his body. Not an ounce of insecurity because he has too much money for insecurities.

Aug-03-2016 11-02-53

Classic little celebrity prank. “Oh no its the pappa- oh wait! its just my rich guy celebrity friend!” But there’s a deeper part of this interaction. You see this is the difference between the two.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.55.40 AM

See Jonah hill might’ve dropped some LBs but he’s still a fat guy. And this is just how fat guys do. Layers on Layers. It’s an optical illusion that makes you think he’s not that fat because maybe its the layers he has on. I mean there’s no reason a sane person would wear a god damn varsity jacket, hat, denim jeans, and high top sneakers in the middle of the summer and in the city. Guy might as well wear a Northface jacket that’s designed to be able to withstand polar explorations all in the sake of trying to look cool while a big dude. Leo on the other hand damn near walks like he’s naked. 100% chance he’s going commando under those shorts too right? That has to be a component to that strut he was rocking. Guy’s just simple and confident in his body and cock size and financial standing. That’s the difference.

Aug-03-2016 11-02-48

God I wish I can decline a pic. Might just tell my family “Nah” at the next family outing and have a buddy come in with the Heisman ready to ward them off. Like if you weren’t hand selected by me and you definitely don’t have the income to speak to me then you gotta carry your sack of laundry and leave. Bye.

Aug-03-2016 11-02-42

Ahh and then there’s the lovable Jonah Hill. He’ll be the one to take a pic with the common folk. Definitely doesn’t want to pass a chance to take a pic with a chick. She looked like a nice cute chick. My only question is why the fuck didn’t she ask Leo? Like sure you can go for the safe route and ask Jonah but it seemed like it wasn’t even a thought to ask Leo. I mean did she just feel like she had no shot or did Leo not even give her a chance? Maybe if she asked for a group photo and got the clinger on-ers in the pic too? If she had the balls she should’ve asked Leo to take the pic. I don’t know what would happen, for all I know she might get black balled and ostracized from the city but it would be entertaining to me so she should’ve done that.

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