Some Nova South Eastern Professor Thinks Sharks Can Cure Human Health Problems Via Shark DNA And Apparently Has Never Seen The Movie Deep Blue Sea


Sun Sentinel- The ocean’s deadliest predator could be the one, in years to come, that could save your life.

Nova Southeastern University professor Mahmood Shivji has found sharks are genetically more similar to humans than to other sea-going creatures.

And now he’s looking to see if there are ways people could benefit from the DNA that has allowed sharks to survive for 400 million years. The work could lead to help in fighting cancer tumors, healing wounds, building stronger tooth replacements and halting the growth of bacteria

“How the shark immune system works has great implications for human health problems, such as wound healing” said Shivji, who directs NSU’s Save Our Seas Shark Research Center and the Guy Harvey Research Institute.

Does no one in the entire NSU staff directory or student body not have a copy of Deep Blue Sea? Samuel L. Jackson, LL Cool J, Thomas Jane and mother fucking Michael Rappaport? Great Flick. Some one should really lend Professor Mahmood Shivji a copy of it sometime soon because, if so, he would realize that if he furthered his own plot of of using shark DNA to cure human health issues, he’s probably gonna end up be torn in half by a couple mammoth sized Mako Sharks with enough intelligence to learn and adapt to free them selves from containment and then rule the world. Not exactly what we as humans should strive for, Mahmood. Yea its an ambitious effort to try to cure all of our flawed human ailments, but we already know the future going down this path.

While we’re at it lend him Sharknado because it don’t hurt to precaution the professor when it comes to stuff that can put humans out of 1st place of the food chain.

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