Some One Put Bieber Music In A Time Machine And Remixed It Into an 80’s Song And Its Lava Hot

Magnum. Absolute work of art. Is Bieber on par with Michael Jackson’s legacy? Definitely not yet, but I definitely think it will be. And you know what? If you rigged up a time machine and took this remix back into the 80’s with your white suit and turtle neck Miami Vice look and walked into a dance club and threw on this track it would make Michael Jackson dance. It’s that hot. Now am I being a bit biased? Probably, because I love all the 80s music. The beats were so funky and smooth at the same time. But this remix from Tronicbox is a perfect gem. It sounds peak 80’s and not in a way that turned the track into a mockery. Bieber’s voice over power ballads legit work. Some how if it were possible Tronicbox and Bieber should some how retroactively get millions from this track in 1985’s dollar because it’s that good and that 80’s.

Side note- Michael Jackson also probably wished he was Bieber. On par singing and dancing wise but gets to be young and white naturally. Must of been super jealous


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