The Scripps National Spelling Ending In A Tie Is One Of The Worlds Greatest Travesty

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Hands down a top 5 sporting event of the year. Kids that are no more than like 13 years old living and dying with each letter trying to spell a word that I’m not even sure is a real word. Its electric and i need more of it in my life. The only problem is the past 3 years its come down to a tie. Last year had like a fly ass Indian dude in Jordan’s tying with the cuntiest Indian speller chick ive ever seen Just rattling off letters and getting them right every time. I didn’t like that it came down to a tie but I grit my teeth and accept it. This year I couldn’t be more sour about it ending in a tie. It came down to two competitors in one of the most edge of your seat spelling performances you’d ever see, I give you Jairam Hathwar and Nihar Janga.


Who we have here is Jairam Hathwar. Comes from a family of spellers. His brother was the Co-champion in 2014 and. He’s a number 1 draft pick when it came to big league spelling. He’s just got that pedigree that you just knew he’d rattle off the letters needed in a complex word break down. And yet on the other hand we had Nihar Janga.


When you see and hear this kid speak theres only one person that pops into my mind and that person is draft day Tom Brady. c86a0285763628f4f09312b48bf7f0d2_crop_exact

I mean that’s the Indian Tom Brady. Kinda looks like a dope with no previous spelling back ground history. You here him speak and he sounds a bit slow kinda just mumbling words but next thing you know you blink and its round 20 of 25 in the world championship and he’s playing for the Superbowl title. It’s not that he knew how to spell the words, He knew their definition. At some point i honestly wondered if it was possible that this little kid could’ve some how been the one to invent the words because be was just putting on a spelling clinic. He had it all. Showmanship, knowledge, balls, grit. When it came down to the final two, it should’ve been a run away performance from Nihar. I mean the kid just knew when Jairam fucked up. May-28-2016 13-34-12

Ultra vicious with the head shake. Like the Dikembe Mutombo No No No! Finger wave but no comedic affect what so ever, just pure embarrassment on a stage in front of judges and on national television. Nihar took the next one and was one letter away from winning it all and im almost certain he threw the spellling at the very end just to keep the competition going. I was shocked. Literally gasped out loud when he missed the word. and with the rounds winding down we got to a tie and im even more convinced that Nihar just wanted to shame Jairam in every single way possible even through the celebration rounds. The whole world watching knew Nihar blew away the competition but that just wasnt enough for Nihar. I mean Jairam might die of embarrassment. I mean first of all you get left hanging on stage with your stupid hand claps while Nihar was throwing up a chest thump to Dez Bryant X.

May-28-2016 13-35-02


The he far and away takes that trophy and barely lets you sniff the thing and im pretty sure he told him to get the fuck off his trophy.May-28-2016 13-36-09

And here he was lapping up the celebration getting lifted by the fam because he was far and away the greatest to ever spit letters on the biggest stage in Spelling Bees.

May-28-2016 13-36-33


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