Shoutout To This Big Girl Who Brought A Box Of Zebra Cakes To The Club

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 5.41.57 PM


Yo you do you, booboo! I don’t hate this move one bit. Why? because im a gluttonous motherfucker just like this lady right here snacking down on some Zebra cakes in the middle of the club. Such a power move. (Not really). You know how it is, occasionally when you’re out on the town, need to mix in a snack here and there when the bar doesn’t have peanuts or all the lines for food are packed. Well why not just pull out a pack of zebra cakes? They got a nice frosted outer layer and soft cakey inside with the most synthetic chemically processed creme in the middle. All thats left me to wonder is if she went out on Christmas Eve with a pack of the frosted Christmas Tree Cakes from Little Debbie cause that would be seasonal as fuck. Those were so poor but oh so legit. I might start doing this move. Maybe bring some Doritos Nachos when im at America’s Backyard. You think it sounds like such a dumb thing to do but when you see me with snacks in hand you know your gonna ask for a chip and while you’re snacking down im off stealing yo girl trying to split an oatmeal cream pie with her.


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