I Fully Endorse This Drone Snatcher Drone In Japan

Look I’m hardly ever on board with anything out of Japan. They live in a sexually repressed society which forces them to do very weird fetish sex stuff that im not on board with. But I guess the one area we can share a small bond with is the disdain for drone show offs. I wish i had one honestly so I can just net drones out of no where. You want to show off by flying your thousand dollar toy around my face to show off how cool it is and to see everyones reactions watching you fly that bitch? Fine. Im gonna come in with this bad ass Drone stopper 3000. Might even practice on it so i can do tricks like slam your shit on the ground right in your face. The only drone i want is the one that stomps the shit out of your drone when you get in my face with it.


P.s- Nets. Seriously such a primitive tool but so complicated at the same time. I’m pretty sure it would take an animal all of its energy trying to get out of a net trap. Maybe the military needs to invest more in nets. Seriously I’d love to see ISIS getting bundled in some camo netting and jsut watch them squirm their way out while we roll up in humvees and toss their ass in Guantanamo.

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