Random: I Have A Diabolical Craving For A Kit Kat Bar Right Now

20110307-norway-kvikk-lunsj-kit-kat-stacked-cut kitkat_2137105b kitkat-1 KitKat

This is so random because I’m not blogging about a food craving I’m having but i want a Kit Kat bar like its nobodies business right now. Trying to travel through my sub-conscious mind I think its because i moved home with my parents and where i had a gas station like a minute away, it would take me like a production to get to a gas station to buy a kit kat bar and then rummaging through my house i found these shitty coconut wafers that im almost sure were old and a little stale. Combine those two thoughts together i think that makes me super horny for a Kit kat bar right now. The crunch, The breaking them apart, the jingle that plays in my head when i eat it, the endorphin and dopamine that explodes in my brain with sugary chocolate. Need it

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