Surfer Bro Is The Most Surfer Bro Ever After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Removed

Published on Sep 2, 2015

Cody just wants to catch some waves after his wisdom teeth are pulled.

This fucking guy is just a beautiful soul. I mean just classic typical surfer bro through and through. Cody just has surfing on his mind 24/7 to the point where half his body is steeped in Novocaine and he’d still get on a board and ride the wave. The long blond sun kissed hair, the lingo even though he’s whacked out of his mind, just everything he thinks or does involves surfing. Did you just get teeth ripped from your jaw? Nah Brah, I think i must’ve hit some coral exiting a radical barrel. You don’t need to be able to feel your face to surf, just have to have the passion to be a soul surfer like this guy. There’s just nothing Cody loves more than surfing and his momma.

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