This Little 4 Year Old Has A Legit Swing.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.07.48 PM

NEED this kid on my team. Me personally I SUCK at baseball. Can’t pitch with any ounce of accuracy. Below par batting average. I remember i use to at least be able to hit the ball when i was a little kid using just a pitching machine at the batting cages but as i progressed and went cold up until high school having never touched the bat in between that time, i just flat out stunk. scored maybe 2 runs in 9 games. Mostly bunted when i wasn’t dying to just mash one in hopes that the hot girl was watching. Thats why when i see this kid i just hope he doesn’t relent. Kid had a great swing. Great follow through. Probably coulda made it to second if he had some decent speed. A little more power and that could be a homer. Yea we’re just talking about wiffle ball but natural talent is natural talent. Plus how cocky was his bat flip? He did like an Anisimov snipe into a bat flip. Incredible.

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