This Black Dude Just CRUSHING A 7 Hour Road Trip Sing-a-long style.

Love a nice road trip with the right jams. Shit makes the drive go by way faster when you’re having a good time belting out tunes. White rhino wasn’t just playing some new age bullshit either. Yea dude had some Silento and some new stuff playing but dude was also coming with classic fire jams. Some Mariah, N’Sync, Sisqo, Nelly. List goes on and on. Sure he had some unconventional road trip songs like Papa Roach. But the fact that he knew it was incredible. Not to mention the trip is supposedly 7 hours. Guy probably rocked out to some groups entire discography. The best part is a lot of those songs are like guilty pleasures which would suck if you got caught rocking out to those on normal roads but when you’re on the open high way where people cant stay watching you, you gotta let it all out.

His sister was a bitch though. Never seen a woman so still during a Mariah Carey song. If Im the one doing all the work driving and trying to make the drive fun for the past 7 hours don’t just jump in with little claps during the Friends theme song and think you’re not gonna get a stare down.

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