Aaron Ekblad Won The Calder/My Heart.

Florida Panthers' Aaron Ekblad poses with the Calder Memorial Trophy after winning the award at the NHL Awards show Wednesday, June 24, 2015, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)


Florida Panthers’ Aaron Ekblad poses with the Calder Memorial Trophy after winning the award at the NHL Awards show Wednesday, June 24, 2015, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

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Since day one I knew Ekblad was going to be something special. The size, the skill, the hair. He has it all. After the trial playing period i knew he was gonna stay in the big leagues. Too much talent to send him down to San Antonio. Kid broke Jovo’s rookie record and damn near broke Bobby Orr’s record. Played almost every game and logged second most minutes  on the top D pair with Brian Campbell. He’s not facing 3rd or 4th line guys here, He’s going against the top line guys. He was a huge contribution to the team and because of that, the cats were on the edge of the playoffs. If it wasn’t for the goalie situation and the flu that half the team got, im almost sure we would’ve gotten the WC spot and probably woulda taken Montreal to 7 and possibly coulda made it to second round playoffs. Ekblad’s been such a contribution this year and not to mention he did it while being 18. EIGHTEEN! 18 years old to play the second hardest position right away in a position that usually takes 300 games to develop and bring up to NHL level and he did it right away. Thats what put him over the top in scoring for the Calder.

People saying Gaudreau and Stone got robbed can go kick ricks. The scoring was close and those 2 are also important for their team but Defense is just a harder position to play. Don’t get me wrong their 60+ points goes along way for any team, but those guys are like 21 and 23. Their mentality should be at the exit stage of the term rookie. Ekblad’s 18 and made a huge difference in the outlook of the Panthers since the beginning of the season.

Ekblads gonna be at the NHL awards for years to come and god damn i hope we keep him here in Florida. I dont know how hopeful i can be that he’ll spend a majority of his career here but one can dream. He’s gonna follow in the footsteps of Lidstrom. His agent is Bobby Orr. He has Denis Potvin speaking to him every night. The best day of my life is gonna be when i get to touch the cup with him by my side cause i swear to god he’s gonna win a cup. Stanley cup, Conn Smythe, Norris, Gold Medals, Lady Byng everything. I can see him winning it all in his future. Best of all is he hardly even cares about the Calder. He knows its not enough. He’s ready for a cup already at 19 and fuck so am i.

P.s- Did i mention he is pretty much a pro model? If he wasn’t dating Claude Lemieux’s daughter he could fuck any girl in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale combined. the white ones at least. 1467305_10155669095470335_157894526772461779_n


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