PETA Wants You To Know That Jurassic World’s CGI Dinosaurs Are A Good Example To Not Use Real Animals in Movies.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 12.09.40 PM

Obviously people were giving PETA shit about this and they absolutely should. The argument is dumb. CGI has come along way but anyone who’s made movies would tell you practical looks a million times better when used right. I mean just that picture above, as awesome as looks with a fucking sea monster dinosaur breaching water looks all CGI and fake. Looking back at the original Jurassic Park, these dinosaurs pale in comparison.

Thats the difference. Theres a real element of fear when you use things as real as can be. That T rex is the truth. They sculpted and built that mother fucker so real looking that if it were in the streets right now standing still i would pee down my leg and run for my life. Real will always just look better than CGI when done right. CGI looks about as scary as a stuffed animal. Its like they have no soul or something. Its just not as scary when its CGI and the same goes reverse, animals wouldn’t be as awesome if they were CGI. Thats why those 90’s animal movies were always awesome because they were real. Dr. Dolittle and his animal companions were all real. Fucking Homeward Bound was awesome and if any of those animals were CGI, I frankly wouldn’t give a fuck if they made it home. When I see a dog i want to be reminded of my dog. When I see a CGI animal they’re just pixels on the screen.

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