There Are Massive Gators Chilling On The Doorsteps of Miami Apartments.


Oh Miami’s all fun and beaches! Sexy Ladies and parties all night long!


Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 12.53.00 PM


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Its like a deathtrap here. One second you’re about to go on a leisurely walk with your dog and next thing you know a primordial dinosaur is pretty much ready to eat the fuck out of you and your dog. And the best you think you can do to contain him is with rope? Fuckin rope? I would need a full iron man suit of armor before im ready and feel comfortable enough to even film this shit, let alone try to catch it with a fucking piece of rope.

In the end, I believe animals learn, and this guy figured out how to pretty much break into your house. Just gotta swim up and kill the guy with a rope first and then he’s up in your kitchen. You move him back in the water he’s just gonna be pissed and come back for more. Just kill the thing. He knows too much already. 12 gauge slug in between the eyes and save your family for christ sake.




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