Rate These Kids 90’s remake of Jurassic Park made from toys.

Well you know what they say. Remakes never hold up to the original. Well you know what? this version wasn’t that bad. Tied up the story line in a neatly packaged 6 minutes 21 seconds long video. Filled with tons of action that we’re use to getting from the Jurassic franchise. I mean did you see that T-Rex smash through the sign? Or how about when that T-Rex careened through the roof of that building at the end? They had the classic scene where the T rex first breaks out of containment with the 2 cars. Perfection. Had the appropriate amount of toys actors and everything. I mean they explained the whole amber mosquito DNA, that was some intricate script writing/ adaptation. The only thing they got wrong is the toy actor who played Newman.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.52.27 PM

Uh was the casting director asleep when they casted this guy? That toy is like some badass fighter toy or something. You were suppose to cast someone that looked like this……jurassic-park-newmanF- on casting that guy. Aside from that i give the movie remake a solid 7 rating on IMDB. Its Small Soldiers meets Jurassic Park(obviously).


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