54 year old demolishes this kid and the kid does not know when to stop.


Listen when you get your brain rocked by a massive 54 year old guy on Maryland public transportation, the best thing to do is not continue challenging the guy to more fighting. At no point did you inflict 1/10 of pain towards that guy where on the other hand he just pummeled your face. You’re short as fuck and he’s a fucking giant. Guy looks like the height and size of a grizzly bear so treat the situation just as that. You’re not gonna be dumb and fight a grizzly bear, you’re gonna get your ass out of there but the second he touches you, id just play dead and hope for dear life he doesn’t get lay another paw on me. Know when its over and in this case is was from the second this video started and you were about to fight a fucking massive savage with old man strength.

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