Teacher On-Leave After Dropping An N-Bomb During A Fun Game Of Word Association.

N-bombs just hit Lady Bird Johnson Middle School hard. Kids got the full blast of it over the school P.A system probably. Listen I’ve dropped the N-bomb before. Mostly only from rap lyrics. I’ve had black friends say they don’t care. Growing up in South Florida is a nice cultural melting pot of races. Frankly i think its one of the highest compliments you can get in high school if you were some black guy’s n*gga. And thats where we need to figure out what exactly was said. Was it the N-bomb with an -a or a hard -er. Thats the difference. Both things are drastically different. One means you’re basically a cultural bridge amongst two different societies and saying the other one means you hate black people. Im gonna go out on a limb and say it was the one that ended in “-a”. Now this is a word association game so lets take a look at the transcript.

Collis: “Lions.”
Teacher: “Respect.”
Collis: “Blood.”
Teacher: Loyalty
Collis: “Guts.”
Teacher: “Honesty.”
Collis: “N******.”

Clearly that wasn’t meant in the bad “-er” way. From every song i’ve heard all these things are adjectives to describe as someones “N*gga” in the best way possible. If you want to be a negative nancy about the whole situation you gotta remember that that word was word associated with some great qualities so is that really that bad? Loyalty, Respect, Guts, Honesty? Thats mah N*gga.

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