You steal an 82 year old mans favorite Bingo Seat, You’re probably gonna get your tires slashed.

I dont want to say she deserved it but she kinda did. I think times have changed but one thing that remains constant is that old people love playing Bingo. Thats the typical cliche thing right? Old people playing Bingo at the retirement center. Well listen here Ma’am. You can’t randomly out of the blue go to the Bingo hall and step in with the locals thinking you can box. Everyone there probably knows their place and has a system going and when a man goes up to you and says you’re in his lucky seat well you best move. Anyone who confronts you about a random seat means business weather its a hot table at the casinos or a folding chair at a ply wood tables like they use in wrestling at the local Bingo tournament. Well you take away his lady luck he’s gonna take away all the air from your tires one stab at a time. Also i’d keep a look out for what this guy does next. Banning him from Bingo? Take away what probably matters the most to him in life at this point? She might flat out get murdered next.

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