The World is Up in Arms about how Giancarlo Stanton eats a Kit Kat.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 9.11.28 AM

Hey Dee Gordon, quit putting the star player on blast and focus on stealing bases bro. Listen, do I think its a bit of a whacky move eating Kit Kats like that? Yes, but Im gonna defend him here. From the looks of things, he’s on an airplane. Shit gets cramped as fuck in there and the humidity levels rise and shit and the chocolate begins to melt so i wouldn’t want to touch it and get chocolate all on my fingers. Take that with the combined fact that he’s rich. Mr. Pitt eats his snickers bar with a knife and fork cause he probably doesn’t want to get chocolate bar on his fingers. Well this is the same thing. Guy’s a society type and doesn’t want chocolate on his fingers. And everyone saying he’s a monster, not human for eating a Kit kat that way. Well guess what you’re right, he’s not human. He’s a fucking machine.giancarlo-stanton-2013Any guy whos a work out machine (not me) knows you can’t quell the hunger one kit kat at a time. You need to devour calories as fast as you can to keep a body like that running. Mean while the Marlins lost 5-1 to the Cubs last night while Stanton was the only one to get a run after stealing 3rd and ran it home after a throwing error probably because of the energy he got from that Kit Kat bar. 115 mph single and stealing bases. Think about it.

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