Annual Summer Reminder that Florida has Beaches and Where there’s an Ocean there are Sharks.

Last year 53 shark accidents? Barely Summer and we already have 8 with someone getting shark murked in Maui? Fuck all of that. Don’t give me the whole “Sharks attacks are rare” schpeel and then show me this.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.58.12 PM

Theyre in fucking Droves! Sharks fucking rollin in crews ready to devour mother fuckers tossing your bloody limp ass around to his 5 other boys. And Every time I hear a New Smyrna Beach story it usually follows with the fact that there were a bunch of sharks in the shallow water. With enough evolution and time these guys are probably just gonna chill on the beach and walk on two legs. Steal all your girls and kill you at the same time. I dont mess with sharks. Got more teeth to grit and we’re asking to go into the fight with them having home field advantage. Beachs are out. AC buildings with netflix all summer.


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