Artist Selling Screen Shots of his Instagram Account for 100k

What you see above is part of Richard Prince’s latest art showing at the Gagosian Gallery in New York. The show was originally private according to the New York Post, but has recently been made very public for a number of reasons:
Prince’s 48-inch by 56-inch″ inkjet prints from celebs’ social media feeds — with his comments underneath that are sometimes just emojis — have been on display for VIPs in a private area at the Madison Avenue space.
A spy who saw the works said pics of Pam Anderson and Kate Moss are included and selling for up to $100,000.

Fuck this high society art life. It literally drives me crazy thinking about it. What the fuck is the point of this and why the fuck would you ever pay that much money??????? I can literally go on my phone, look that picture up on Instagram, Screen Shot it, and Print that on a 48 by 56 inch poster at Kinkos in fucking 10 minutes. Listen, im a man who likes to reason both sides just cause i want to know i can. I can rationalize rich assholes spending money on a different car for every day of the week. I can imagine being in the shoes of a peasant farmer who just enjoys working the land. I dont think i can EVER rationalize spending 100 Thousand dollars on some phoney rip off artist whos a lazy rich fuck for a large screen shot of someone who doesnt follow me back on instagram. Fuck everything about this.

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