I Have A Very Worthless Applaud For This Chick Incorporating Cinder Blocks Into Her On Stage Twerk Routine.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 1.26.44 PM

Link To the Very Strange video of a chick smashing a cinder block against her pussy here

Are you guys strip club guys? I’ve been to a few and its fun and all but not something i could see my self going to constantly. Don’t get me wrong, Lap dances are kinda fun, but my problem is its all the same. Its all either very low lighting, over priced drinks, and very expensive dances with pretty average chicks. They’re hot because I can see their nipples and stuff but, faces are usually average and when all they have is a basic stage routine, it gets a little tiresome after awhile. Well this lovely woman here changes the game. I don’t want to see the same old gal rolling on the stage floor splashing singles on her tits. Give me the broad who just ripped a cinder block underneath a car used to prop it up, drag it on stage and smash her pussy against it until its broken to bits. Not saying any of this would give me a boner, but mix in a something different for me to see when I go down to Scarlett’s Cabaret so its more worth my time. Almost want to make it a thing where people just bring things for her to smash against her clit. See that would be fun like audience participation.

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